About Jesus following

God is Love
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

So why create this blog?

Quite simply put it is my desire to share my faith walk with my children and grandchildren. To encourage them in the word and to show them how faithful and good the Lord is. Should perchance I am able to convince another soul about this Jesus, I would have plucked one soul from hell and furthered God’s kingdom a bit. I will spread this light and love that Christ has in store for all believers.

As a child growing up, I had very little love in my own life. But once I accepted Jesus it was with the understanding that only someone who loves you would die for you, would teach you good paths and would watch out for you. Jesus is all this and more.

I felt His favor and provision in my own life. Coming to America at the age of 20 with $20 in my pocket, I had never flown ever, I did not know the family I married into, it was a yet another strange land with a different lingo, attitudes, and culture. All of which I had to learn while being newly married, living with a strange new family, earn a living, have my babies and figure out my own new husband who was God sent, specifically according to my prayers.  More on this later…

My testimony then is, God is good. Thank you, Lord!

Disclaimer:  This is a very personal blog, meant for family, friends and other believers. All of the information is original and self-directed. I do not plan to offend any reader in any manner, this is just a faith journal to the glory of God and to the enlightenment of my children and grandchildren. What I write is from self-experience and to show the goodness of the Lord and to explain certain truths that have become part of my life.


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